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Be the Jewel you truly are
An Investment in you
Effortlessly Stylish
Pure 18 Karat Gold
18K Tiara Ring
Dhs. 695.00
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Our Story

Just like you, we love wearing gold jewellery, it's so stylish and says so much about us as women, but isn't it annoying when we buy a beautiful piece only for the gold to rub off and for our investment to be worthless

We are a young company, run by passionate, fashion-conscious and stylish women who are on a mission to help you to look good whilst also investing in your future

An Investment in You

Empowered women are the Jewels and not the Jewels they wear, but let's face it, we all know that we feel a little bit special when we sparkle

Effortlessly Stylish

We make everyday fashionable jewellery for you that suits every occasion and every combination

Pure Gold

All our products are hand-crafted from Pure 18k Gold and you can be sure they will be as good and as valuable in years to come as they are today