Our designers have developed a wide range of styles of rings to complement every occasion. Our rings can be worn together and are modern and stylish, befitting an audience of trend setters. Our classic designs can be worn individually to express a more demure and conservative style.

In all, our Pure 18K gold rings are a fit for any occasion either individually or combined.

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A beautiful gold Celtic inspired golden cross ring with intricate detailing and beautiful delicate poise.
Handcrafted from pure 18K yellow gold, this beautiful arrow-shaped open ring has intricate feather detailing and a neat arrowhead.
Tiara Ring
Beautifully crafted fine threads of gold connected together to form smooth curves and interconnecting shapes.
A beautiful ring for true lovers and an ideal gift for your partner. The Two Kisses Golden ring is crafted from fine threads of gold, lovingly shaped to symbolise true love.
Link Ring
Reminiscent of Inca golden jewels and a bygone era, an iconic ring which beautifully illustrates warmth and rays of the sun.