Necklace and Pendant

Our necklaces range from simple, stylish classics which can be worn independently or with a pendant, to integrated pendant and necklace designs. In accordance with the current fashion, we are offering out chains in a variety of lengths so they can worn together and layered.

Effortlessly stylish and not just an accessory, but an investment in you.

Necklace and Pendant
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This charming piece is an effortlessly stylish Pure 18k Gold Necklace plus a Pure 18k Gold disc with a letter of the alphabet beautifully cut through the disc.
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Pure 18k Gold winged heart which is permanently attached to an 18k gold chain. The chain has six sparkling round globes positioned equally on either side of the winged heart. Effortlessly stylish.
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Pure 18k Gold necklace with three beautiful golden hearts, one is placed centrally and the second two hearts are equally spaced from the centre of the chain.
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Beautifully simple and effortlessly stylish Pure 18k Gold Necklace with Pure 18k Gold Eternity Hoop
A stunningly beautiful infinity hoop-shaped Pure 18k Gold pendant adorning a Pure 18k Gold chain
Effortlessly simple and stylish Pure 18k Gold round padlock with keyhole pendant and Pure 18k Gold necklace